A World Order of Peace and Coexistence

3312 2017-11-20

In the last decades, terrorism has destroyed humanity around the world and innocent civilians are victims of this terror.

The mission of intelligent people is to unite and eradicate terrorism by bringing forward the real Islamic religion founded by the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Mohammed, which is based on love, respect and tolerance for all irrespective of creed or colour.

Hussain Day Conference is one of India\'s largest interreligious gatherings where eminent personalities from different walks of life come together on one platform and speak about the significance of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain.

Under the slogan “A World Order of Peace and Coexistence”, the 25th annual conference of Hussain Day was organized in Bangalore with the aim of presenting the genuine coherence amongst all religious and sects with the participation of holy shrines of Imam Hussein and al-Abbas as well as world-renowned personalities from around the globe.

Conference convenor Mr. Aga Sultan spoke to the International Media Center of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine saying, “Our goal is to extend bridges of cooperation and relations with different religions and faiths and establish a real base for living in peace and coexistence.”

“We must bring to light the reality of Prophet Mohammed’s message that had been changed by the enemies of Islam,” added Sultan.

Representative of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine Mr. Saad al-Deen Hashim said in his speech, “It sure is a pleasure to see an audience from various backgrounds, religions and ethnic groups united together under the banner of Imam Hussein. This goes to reflect the extent of brotherhood and coherence of humanity, as Imam Ali, peace be upon him, the Prophet’s cousin and successor, describes the relationship of a Muslim man with others by saying, ‘“people are of two kinds either your  brothers in faith or your equal in humanity.”’

Hashim continued by saying, “Iraq has faced many plans for division since over a decade however the vital and steadfast role of the Supreme Religious Authority countered the sectarian movement plotted against the country. “

For his part, Representative of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine Shaykh Ali remarked, “Humanity must live together in serenity and we must respect one another. Every nation is free to practice their traditions and this shouldn’t effect on the freedom of others.”   


Other guest speakers including Ammar Nakshawani and Reverend Victor Edwin referred to the legacy of Imam Hussein and how his blessed biography is a lesson for all humanity.       

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