Imam Hussein Holy Shrine puts strenuous efforts in orphan projects

3369 2017-12-20

Due to the loyalty to the righteous martyrs, Imam Hussein Holy Shrine’s Awlad Muslim School for Orphans project has achieved advanced stages.

Project Supervisor Saad al-Deen Hashim stated, "The aim of these schools is to create a conscious generation that does not feel deprived, while being fortified with knowledge so that the energies of this generation will be invested in building the nation in the future," said.

“This is the least we can give to orphans in terms of care, especially those who lost their fathers in the war against Daesh," added Hashim.

Awlad Muslim School for Orphans measures an area of ​​1250 square meters, and consists of five floors containing 28 classrooms in addition to a library and other necessary facilities.


The supervisor also pointed out "The holy shrine provides all the services to the orphan students for free.”

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