American magazine documents the victories achieved against ISIS

1807 2017-11-19

The Imam Hussein Holy Shrine called the American weekly magazine Newsweek to examine the events in Iraq and reveal the facts of distorted images conveyed by some biased media outlets about the peaceful co-existence among the sects.

The magazine documented during the tour, which came after an invitation of the International Media Center of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, the massive pilgrimage of Arbaeen and conducted meetings with security authorities in the liberated areas including Salahuddin province, where an interview was organized with the President of the Provincial Council Ahmad Abdul-Jabbar al-Karim who spoke about the importance of the province and its strategic location.

“The province of Salahuddin is the heart of the western provinces and the road linking it to Baghdad is of the most strategic roads. Therefore, if controlled, all of these provinces will be secured from ISIS infiltration and the terrorists’ supply lines will be cut,” stated the government official.

Al-Karim also pointed out to the reconstruction work of the infrastructure of the province by the local government and some international organizations such as UN to promote the health and education sectors along with the reconstruction of bridges and roads.

The President of the Salahuddin Provincial Council continued saying, “The residents here at the moment are supporting the security forces in securing their areas as well as the service and security institutions.”


The official congratulated the Iraqi nation on their advancement to pushing ISIS terrorists out of the country. 

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