Imam Hussein Holy Shrine Unveils New Grille of Habib ibn Mudhahir

4139 2016-03-10

The General Secretariat of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has unveiled the new holy grille of the great companion Habib ibn Mudhahir al-Asady on Thursday, the 10th of March 2016.

The opening ceremony kicked off with a Quranic recitation, followed by a word from the Supervising Cleric of the Holy Shrine, Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi al-Karbalaey, in which spoke in brief about the blessed biography, loyalty and sacrifice of this hero for the Master of Martyrs, making him deserve such a shrine visited by millions.

Sayyid Afdhal al-Shamy, member of the Board of Directors, stated, “With the help of Allah Almighty, the doors to visit the shrine of Habib ibn Mudhahir are now open after replacing the previous 70-year-old grille with a new, modern-style, Islamic work of art. The people of the Iranian province of Borz participated in the manufacturing of this masterpiece through the Kawthar Charitable Foundation,” mentioning that it took nearly three years to build.

From his part, the director of the project, Jamshid Fi’lee, spoke about the details of the new grille saying, “The total weight of the new grille is around 1700 kg including 822 kg of pure silver, 3.5 kg of pure gold, 500 kg of pure copper and 380 kg of steel. The area of the structure is 12 meters squared.”


A special thanks was directed to the Kawthar Foundation and the Maintenance Dept. of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine for their contributions in this project.

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