The revolution of Imam Hussein and the humanitarian goals

2816 2016-01-15

By :Rahman Umran Allami


The dialogue of civilizations and address of humanitarianism was the most prominent feature in the Islamic religion, and then came the revolution of Imam Hussein to offer sacrifices on the land of Karbala for these supreme concepts. The revolution of Imam Hussein is inspiring for the hearts of vulnerable people throughout history. It is a slogan of all liberation movements, and the source of destabilization of all arrogant thrones and regulations.


The goals of the revolution of Imam Hussein exceeded sectarian and ethnic particularities, but addressed the wider humanitarian space and the free conscience of mankind, which Allah the Almighty stressed on for the rejection of injustice.


The revivalism of Imam Hussein was a revival of civilizations, centered on man’s salvation from under slavery to other than Allah, to achieve his dignity and humanity, restore his usurped rights, and to provide his freedom that is controlled by dictatorships, which wore a gown of holiness and deformed the divine images and the Islamic legislative system.

With the technical progress and development of knowledge, it is necessary for responders to understand the revivalism of Imam Hussein, disseminate its goals and take advantage of this tremendous progress in all media divisions.


The divine saga that occurred on the land of Karbala established Islamic concepts that reject injustice and tyranny in the minds of all Muslims, and raised self-revolutionary against injustice and corruption in all of humanity. Imam Hussein is an extension of the prophecy conclusion. His light is derived from the light of the Prophet, which lit up the universe with pride and dignity, science and knowledge.



The revivalism of Imam Hussein was pursuant to the terms of Islam and in accordance with the laws of the Quran, therefore we must follow his legacy and seek to apply the laws of Islam everywhere in the world, through holding seminars and mourning ceremonies, which provide us with the spirit of Shiism and adherence to the Quran and the pure progeny of the Prophet.



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